What’s possible with social media?

Your Shopfront on Social Media | GYSocialMedia | Great Yarmouth

What can I do with my Social Media Shopfront?

  • Open your social media shopfront 24-7
  • Find out what topics are top of your customers minds
  • Build a genuine relationships with customers and suppliers – it’s not all sell, sell, sell.
  • Tap into freely available real-time market information
  • Entertain your customers, brighten their day
  • Suggest your product when customers ask for a solution


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What can you share on Social Media?

  • Links to your blog posts or useful websites
  • Photos from events or other happenings
  • Status updates, comments and opinions (careful! remember it’s your shopfront)
  • Videos (the most popular posts contain clips)
  • Events and booking information


How can we help?

  • Helping you learn – we’re experts in business social media strategies

If you have time available to keep your social networking accounts up-to-date book a course now!

  • Helping you network on Twitter

Join the next free #GYHour conversation with other local businesses.

  • Helping you keep on top of everything

Let us do the work. It’s more affordable than you might think!


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