Social Media 5: Aldred’s Property Consultants, Great Yarmouth

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Dan Crawley of Aldred’s Property Consultants in Great Yarmouth tells us about how social media works for his business.

Describe your business in one tweet (140 Characters):

We are a multi disciplined form of property professionals covering East Norfolk and North Suffolk. Sales, lettings, commercial, auction




Which social media sites do you use most to promote your business

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
How long do you spend on average keeping your social media accounts up-to-date each week?

About an hour. I find Facebook the most useful social media network.

What have been the benefits to your business of using Social Media? Which social media networks do you find most useful?

It gives us better connections with customers and other businesses.

Who should SocialMedia5 readers be following?

@GYSocialMedia on Twitter

If you’d like to ask Dan about his experiences of using social media you can connect with him on the following social networks:

If you run a business in Great Yarmouth and would like to share your experiences please get in touch.

Author: Vick Smith @GYSocialMedia. Contributor: Dan Crawley


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